In which I decide to take a suggestion

I took Hammurabi and Hunt the Wumpus, and rewrote them in javascript.

Nothing wrong with ChoiceScript. I just don’t actually need it. I got tired of banging my head up against the limitations of the scripting engine, and rather than be constantly improving it, just use a scripting language in which all that I need already exists.

I signed up for AdSense, and once I hear back from them, I will incorporate ads into these pages (and likely elsewhere on playdeez.com).

I even now have a twitter account, which I had been avoiding for some time.  What I want to do basically requires that I have one.


ChoiceScript Stuff

I updated Hammurabi. Should be done-ish now.

I also spun up Hunt the Wumpus.

HTW was a lot easier than Hammurabi. It is way less math-y.  Also, I was able to gram Hammurabi’s boilerplate titlescreen/howtoplay/about/quit stuff, so I had a leg up.

So, the question is: why do I waste my time on these things? What possible point can making goofy ports of BASIC games in a virtually unknown scripting language have?

I’m stressed.

This is how I relax.

Yes, its goofy.

I got the KVM today. Next on the Yak Shaving List: get a 5v power supply, and a dongle that’ll convert VGA to DVI.


Hunt The Wumpus, Take 2

The widgetbox widget is still in process of being approved.

Also, I only just today realized that widgetbox cannot make facebook applications at the moment.  Fortunately, my two fb apps though there are still alive and well on fb.

So, I have moved HTW to a place on playdeez.  Likely, I’ll just facebook-ify it myself, since I have spent the 15 requisite minutes learing FBML, which is an awful like HTML with a number of “fb:xxx” tags replacing the otherwise well known tags.


A Temporary Diversion

As a brief interlude from any solid HamQuest related work, I am working on a quick port of Hunt The Wumpus to WidgetBox.

Currently, only moving around works, so you can get eaten by the wumpus, fall into a pit, or get swept away by the bats, but you can’t shoot the wumpus and win. That’ll be the last bit.

The final destination of the HTW widget is facebook.  I did a brief search on both widgetbox and facebook, but did not turn up any wumpus hunting.

The game is based on the BASIC source code from Gregory Yob. It is done using javascript and HTML.  To give it a more “authentic” look I went with <PRE> tags for almost everything.