Roku GameDev and Me

So, recently, I dusted off the Roku SDK and started making little “games” for my children.

This one is currently unnamed, but my younger daughter says it should be named “Unicorn and Star”. Naming is hard, and she’s 4.

Unicorn and Star it is, then!


The current version can be installed by clicking here. If that doesn’t work, try here. If that doesn’t work, you are a future person, and it is no longer available.

The goal of the game is to move the unicorn onto the star. At that point, the star then moves to a random spot, and you can move the unicorn to it again.

It challenged my concept of “game,” because it has no success metric, but I am reminded that game in the current use of the word encompasses all forms of digital interactive media, for which this certainly qualifies.

I got the graphics from, to no one’s surprise. The Unicorn is by Delapouite, and the Star is by Lorc.

The maze generation is, as usual, my homegrown implementation of Prim’s Algorithm.

My older daughter played for a good ten minutes this morning, so it is successful for now. Methinks it will need enhancements before too long, however.




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