Minoquar! Update.

A quick progress video on Minoquar!

I’ve got the player moving, and the ability of the sword already coded in.

Now for minoquar movement and the cloak and key.


HamQuest Released!

You can get it here:


The fixes are pretty minor, mainly tweaks and polish.

However, game balance may have been affected by one of the changes.

I changed the breakage percentages for weapons and armor.  I cut it in half.

The most powerful weapon in the game had a 20% chance of breaking, and thus wouldn’t last very long.  Now it is 10%, and so it should last a while.

In an attempt to counter this change and rebalance the game, I cut the number of naturally occurring weapons and armor in half.  The chances of getting them in chests remains the same.

There is also some new minimap indicators that combine the different colored dots to indicate the contents of a room. It may help clear things up a bit, or it may completely muddy the picture. Time will tell.

I found the other day that HamQuest was finally listed on Softpedia, and so I’m happy about that.  Apparently all of my other games are listed as well, even though I didn’t submit them, but I’ll take that, too.