Stop Motion Videos

I have uploaded two stop motion “exercises”.

The first one is called “Spinning Pirate”.

The second is called “Dancing Pirate”.

These were produced with Windows Live Movie Maker, and make use of Bitstrips art.

I found a place online where I could download old radio serials.  It is radiolovers.com.

In particular, I have found a sci-fi 10 minute serial to make into a stop motion animation project.

It also has room (and makes mention) of a few commercials(or “Messages that Dantro wants you to hear”), so anyone who wants to get in on the ground floor, please do so now.


Installation Weekend

This weekend, I installed apache, php, and mysql on one of my home boxes.

You know, just to have a local dev environment.

It’s hard to make anything more complex than Feed the Fish without having a local web server and all of the plumbing behind it.

I also started a bitstrips series.  This is about my fourth attempt at something worthwhile.

I’ve been watching the old filmation Flash Gordon cartoon, so I’m starting out by lampooning some of the cliche elements of Flash Gordon.

I suppose I also have a heavy influence of 60s television and pulp sci-fi in general.  I’ve watched a lot of Star Trek: TOS lately.

So, I present to you: Peptide Kangaroo Umbrella! (click to go to bitstrips for the rest of the, for the moment, short series)