The Answer is Dropbox

I have multiple machines that I develop on.

When doing C# dev, I can use SVN and google code or assembla and keep things synchronized pretty well.

For Java dev, I have not had as much success.

For one thing, eclipse has a large number of frivolous files that I just don’t need checked in.

Also, I tend to leave out the bin directory when I’m checking in to SVN.

This apparently confuses eclipse.

Yes, I tried the svn plugin.

Hated it.

So, the answer is Dropbox for Java projects.

However, the way I install it is not the standard way.

The standard installation in Windows puts the folder under C:\Users\USERNAME\Dropbox

Not all of my machines have the same user.

So I put it in a custom location instead.


This way all of my classpath and other garbage stays consistent between the machines I develop on.

Also, I’ve gotten more organized with how my Dropbox folder is organized.

I have a Libs folder with subfolders for the various external dependencies that I have, like lwjgl, slick, zxing.

I have a Projects folder with subfolders for the various workspaces. I similarly split workspaces by broad category.

Sigh. Getting there…


Considering a Move to Google Code

I’m starting to look into a new home for HamQuest, and my other projects, which are currently sitting on assembla.

I’ve considered sourceforge, but I’m also been thinking about giving google code a try.  Either one has an open source requirement, which assembla does not. Of course, on assembla, the free hosting puts the code out there for any who wish to do so to acquire it.

So, decision time. Go the extra little bit and make HamQuest open source? It effectively is right now anyway. How would this affect the XNA port and potential XBox Live submission? Basically all that the GPL says I have to do is give access to the source code of something upon request.

Chances are, this is the route it’ll take. Its the more roguelike thing to do, anyway.

So the decision comes down to sourceforge or google code. I imagine google code will be quieter, but sourceforge is more mature. Dunno. I’ll keep you posted.