The Final Cut (for now)

After a final tweak (namely switching which color shows up if you decide not to differently color dead ends), I have decided to be DONE with Connect!



What’s next?

Well, I’ll have a new computer in about a week, and it’ll have a XNA able video card, it’ll run Vista(so I can make a gadget), and it’ll be able to run WinterMute in something other than super slow software mode.

And all of my source code is now safely tucked away on the external HD in an SVN repository, so it is a simple matter of plugging it into the new machine and installing a handful of things.

I still haven’t gotten sick of javascript programming, and  I’ve progressed beyond my initial primitive usage of the DOM (as can be found in Pipes!) into a more “sophisticated” usage of a handful of rather versatile HTML elements with some heavy manipulation of styles.  At this point, I use <div> <img> <input> <button> <p> <a> and occasionally <span>, and I’m just not seeing a need to use others at this point.



So, due to completely random circumstances, I found this:


Which means not only is there a new item on the blogroll, it also means I found this:


In my brief investigations, it is an engine that may suit my nefarious needs.  (Ok, my needs are hardly nefarious, but they are still needs).  The scripting language is suitably javascript-esque, the price is right (free), and the applications are stand alone.

Sure, the engine is designed for point-n-click adventures, but, like most things, it can be abused to make puzzle games or really anything else I feel like.  I’ll investigate it further before too long (JetLag, anyone?) and then I’ll have a new platform (like I needed more).

Anyway, enjoy killing the Queen, or whatever you have Phlegmwad do.