iWerewolves and iWanderer

Here is a game written a bazillion years ago in line number basic. 

And these are images of a quick port I am doing (to practice my newly developed Interface Builder and UI skills).


Diamond Maze


Well, there’s not much to it yet, but the maze is present, and the player can move about the maze.  There is nothing for him to do yet, however.

Some differences from the original version include a different screen resolution (800×600 instead of the original 640×480).  I did not change the actual number of ascii cells, which remains 40×30, it just scales the sprites to the 20×20 from the 16×16 in the bitmap.

However, the area left for the minimap has changed this time.  Originally, this area was 128×128, and it is now 160×160.  Since the minimap consists of individual pixels, and I don’t want to be scaling something like that, I’m going to  change the size of the entire map to 160×160.

Originally, the individual “rooms” of the maze were 16×16, and there was a grid of 8×8 of them.  This leaves me with a decision to make.  Stay with the 16×16 rooms and change the number of them to 100?  Or, stick with 64 rooms and make them 20×20?  Or, go with a totally different room size completely.

After that, I have a few other decisions to make.  The original game had 4 differently colored doors, and the differently colored keys to go with them.  Do I leave it at 4, or change it?  The four potions: invincibility, freeze, health, and wealth.  Keep as is or add/remove/modify the list?

In any case, the end result should be interesting, and recognizably  the same game as the original, so it really doesn’t matter what is decided as long as it keeps the game fun.