A Vacation to (nearly) Everywhere

I got back from my vacation last Saturday.

My wife and I went to (or through) Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Georgia again, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee again, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois again, and then finally back to Wisconsin.

Fifteen states in seven days, if you count Wisconsin.  My original plan had been to also hit Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa(and never actually hit the same state twice until returning to Wisconsin), but did not for a couple of reasons.  One, Hurricane Alex made for much rain in the gulf area, so after Florida I just headed back up to Georgia rather than going along I-10 to New Orleans as planned.  Two, my wife was a little tired of the big drive each day and wanted to enjoy stuff along the way.

We stayed in Winchester KY, Columbia SC, Largo FL, Perry GA, Jonesboro AR, and Hardy AR.

I recommend the Spring River Lodge in Hardy AR.

I recommend against the Motel 6 in Columbia SC.

The rest of the places we stayed were OK.

In a week, we drove over 2200 miles, which basically means living in a car.


I started refactoring Island Interloper the other day. I decided that I was still early on enough to kind of switch gears with the pattern of development, which means rather than the super slow process of revising everything piece by piece into a more organized and consistent form, I decided to reimplement.  It is still in JavaScript, but I disliked some things about the way the code was (un)structured.


And Now To Completely Bore You With Mundane Life

In  the last month, I went on vacation to Arkansas.  I went to Rogers, AR and Glencoe, AR with my wife.  We needed to get away for a bit.

During the trip, we went to a couple of antique shops and some other cool places.

I’m not really one for antiques, but they had some old books that I picked up for super cheap.  I especially have enjoyed a high school history book written in 1931 called “modern history”.  It really tells me much more about the time in which is was written than the history itself.

We stayed with relatives and friends in the area, and in this way managed to spent $0 on hotels (beat THAT, Hattan!)

However, the day after I got back, my heel was hurting, and I do not recall injuring it by jarring it or kicking anything.

It turned out to be tendonitis of the achilles heel. As I am finding out, this particular tendonitis is rather insidious.

After immobilizing it for a couple of days, I wound up with a flare-up of gout in the same foot.  I had been popping ibuprofen, but I was quickly becoming nearly immune, and I didn’t want to cause any further havoc on my stomach or liver, so I went to the doctor and got a different anti-inflammatory and vicadin for the night (the pain had been keeping me from a good night’s sleep).

So, by last saturday, it was feeling OK, and I had a yard project to do: cut down a pear tree (no partridges were harmed) which was half dead due to an ant colony.

My friend Rick was over, and we took it down and started to burn some of it.  I also had a lot of cardboard to use as kindling, since much of the wood was still pretty green.

I still have quite a bit of pear wood left to burn.

However, I managed to aggravate my tendonitis, and so Sunday was painful, and I was laid up and playing a Wii game(MySims Kingdom, which is cute and pointless).

Next week is burning more pear wood, which should be slightly drier, even though it will rain between now and then. I may need to tarp over the wood.

And then it is railroad ties and dirt to make a garden box.  I’ve already got my compost pile going, albeit slowly, as I cant get out there with my foot as it is.  I started some plants in some seed starters (green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers).  The lettuce did well initially, but I think it has mostly died. I’m new to gardening, so I’m learning a number of things the hard way.

Fortunately, garden starting is an inexpensive thing to be bad at, and composting was almost free (I did have to buy some rabbit fencing to make a ring to keep the pile shaped, but other than that, it hasn’t cost anything, and it has reduced the amount of garbage I generate, so good.

For now, I’m sort of taking a break from doing computer stuff.  I’m trying to expand my horizons.

I also learned that I have “Facebook Fatigue”, and that I had Facebook Fatigue the very day I signed up for an account.  Other than make a couple of games for it, and a comment here or there, I don’t really participate in the community.  I think this has to do with the fact that early on, I was an AOLer (in version 1.5 during the late bronze age), and later I was an IRCer, and then an ICQer.  I’ve apparently become moderately immune to the “addiction” to online communities, because I’ve been in several of them in the past.

It reminds me, actually, of the time I tried playing maplestory.

I had once been a fan of Diablo, and so when Diablo II came out, I got it immediately and began playing.

Then I spotted the pattern: trudge trudge kill kill pick up pick up trudge trudge identify identify sell sell buy buy trudge trudge repeat

In Maplestory, it was the same thing. However, the multiplayer aspect of it gave it a social aspect, which I wasn’t really interested in (because I was already facebook fatigued even before the term was coined).

So, I got my maplestory character to about level 20, got tired of the trudge trudge, and quit.  I’ve attempted to pick it up once or twice when bored, but I just can’t keep going for very long.

There’s no really good way to really wrap this up and finish it, so:

God loves you.

Jesus is Lord.

(Go ahead and be offended if you want)