String Extraction, School, and Blogging

Over my last several posts, I’ve started to notice that I’ve started to have a bit of a longer stride with my entries. I went back in and put some “read full article” thingies in several of my posts.  Sure, two of them are basically articles, but even some of the other ones are getting a little longish.

I haven’t had a great deal of time to work on HamQuest, and the work that I have been doing doesn’t really add any new features, it is “internal” updates that makes things a little more flexible and refactoring to make future enhancements easier. In the end, it does not produce a substantial enough difference to warrant an upload.  Mostly I’ve been refactoring classes in the interior plumbing of the game, mostly to be able to share these in my article series.

Also crowding in my time is school. I’ve got Composition II for IT Majors, which isn’t terribly difficult, but definitely time consuming. My other class is Fundamentals of C#. Yeah, I know. Its part of the degree program.

I did finally get HamQuest into google code.  You can find it at http://code.google.com/p/pdg-hamquest-silverlight/.

So far, I like living at google code.  I’ve put a large backlog of issues and enhancements into the issue tracker. I’ve handled some of them. I like the issue tracking system it has.

Apparently the Chemhex spike which I noticed last week has subsided down to less of a huge roar.  Most of the referrers were stumbleupon. It was interesting, anyway.


First Post

This is a traditional first post. Typically, a blog’s first post points out that it is the first post in the blog. This means that the first post is breaking one of the fundamental rules of blogging, which is not to blog about blogging.

This blog is meant to go alongside http://www.playdeez.com and to chronicle the developments there. Currently, I am working on a new game, tentatively titled “Connect!”, which you can see here.

Oh, and this is the first post.