Back to my old user system

I have now decided to go back to my old user system, which has been around for years.  It was originally an MDB/ASP based solution which morphed into a MySQL/ASP solution which now is in the process of morphing into a MySQL/PHP solution. I’m currently laying out the rough plumbing for it. The eventual goal is to make all of the pages able to be logged in.

For facebook apps, I’m going to find a way to shunt facebook users into the system, rather than do this the other way around.

So far I’ve constructed and tested my little helper functions for sending emails and connecting to and querying the backend.   Soon this will grow into a set of php functions for dealing with users.

Which means I need to get the rest of the HTML pages on the site converted over to PHP.

The plumbing stuff is just so time consuming.


Installation Weekend

This weekend, I installed apache, php, and mysql on one of my home boxes.

You know, just to have a local dev environment.

It’s hard to make anything more complex than Feed the Fish without having a local web server and all of the plumbing behind it.

I also started a bitstrips series.  This is about my fourth attempt at something worthwhile.

I’ve been watching the old filmation Flash Gordon cartoon, so I’m starting out by lampooning some of the cliche elements of Flash Gordon.

I suppose I also have a heavy influence of 60s television and pulp sci-fi in general.  I’ve watched a lot of Star Trek: TOS lately.

So, I present to you: Peptide Kangaroo Umbrella! (click to go to bitstrips for the rest of the, for the moment, short series)