Dungeon of Doom!


Yeah, so after doing Hammurabi and Hunt the Wumpus, I finally decided to go with a more story based original work in ChoiceScript.

Its one where I can slowly add to it, one scene at a time, as the mood strikes.  Currently it doesn’t have much.

It is called the Dungeon of Doom.  You can find it here. It isn’t much right now.  I did, however, finally decide to use some of the ChoiceScript “enhancements” I made, especially gosub/return and stacks.  I’m still a programmer at heart.


ChoiceScript Stuff

I updated Hammurabi. Should be done-ish now.

I also spun up Hunt the Wumpus.

HTW was a lot easier than Hammurabi. It is way less math-y.  Also, I was able to gram Hammurabi’s boilerplate titlescreen/howtoplay/about/quit stuff, so I had a leg up.

So, the question is: why do I waste my time on these things? What possible point can making goofy ports of BASIC games in a virtually unknown scripting language have?

I’m stressed.

This is how I relax.

Yes, its goofy.

I got the KVM today. Next on the Yak Shaving List: get a 5v power supply, and a dongle that’ll convert VGA to DVI.


Hammurabi in ChoiceScript (Work In Progress)

I have a rough version of Hammurabi written in ChoiceScript.

I should warn that while I have attempted to give the same sort of mechanics as in the original, I deviated from the original rather spartan and draconian interface. It *IS* 2010, after all.

Of course, I’m using a strange, oddly BASIC feeling scripting language, so maybe it isn’t quite as 2010 as it seems to be.

I do not have the endings properly finished. You will get an underwhelming “You lost” or “You won”.

But it is playable after a fashion. Just remember to allocate food and allocate acres BEFORE you hit “Next Turn”.

If you are interested in the ChoiceScript source: http://playdeez.com/choicescript/hammurabi/scenes/main.txt

Oddly enough, I modified the script engine to accommodate gosub, return, and stack variables, only to not actually use them in the game.

I think Hunt the Wumpus wouldn’t be a bad follow up to this, as well as some of the other things on Atari Archive.  We’ll see.


Yet Another Toy Language To Distract Myself With

Yesterday, I made mention of Choice of the Dragon, a game I found the day before yesterday.  I also mentioned a similar game on the same site, called Choice of Broadsides.

Both of these things happen to be based on a multiple choice game engine which is scripted with a language called ChoiceScript.  I found an introductory page to the scripting language, as well as a “more advanced” page.

Which meant that I immediately and impulsively needed to write something in it, which wound up being “Guess My Number”.

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