iWerewolves and iWanderer

Here is a game written a bazillion years ago in line number basic. 

And these are images of a quick port I am doing (to practice my newly developed Interface Builder and UI skills).


Me v. Interface Builder, take two (or probably five)

After a great deal of struggle with it, I believe I have finally made a breakthrough in understanding how to use Interface Builder to make a UI that I can actually use from XCode.

In fact, it is actually starting to make sense to me, which is a scary thought.  This is what happens when I force myself to use my Mac for a week.


Far, Far Away

I’m in Saint Paul, Minnesota for a week of training for my job.

Which means I’ve got an ample opportunity to work on a game.

I brought my mac mini with me.  It’s small and travels well.

I arrived on Sunday night, and played at attempting to learn Interface Builder and Make It Work.

Over the course of two evenings, I can now confidently put controls onto the same exact form that comes in the view based application boilerplate.

However, putting multiple view resources into the application and having them load them and change between them is something that eludes me still.

So, I went back to hamquest.

I’ve been quite a distance from Objective-C for a while, but I’ve gotten back into the groove, and so the next three evenings should be productive.

However, I don’t much like not being home.  I prefer being at my house, in the company of my wife and dog, not some best western in the middle of a former train yard.

But so it goes.