Hunt The Wumpus, Take 2

The widgetbox widget is still in process of being approved.

Also, I only just today realized that widgetbox cannot make facebook applications at the moment.  Fortunately, my two fb apps though there are still alive and well on fb.

So, I have moved HTW to a place on playdeez.  Likely, I’ll just facebook-ify it myself, since I have spent the 15 requisite minutes learing FBML, which is an awful like HTML with a number of “fb:xxx” tags replacing the otherwise well known tags.


One thought on “Hunt The Wumpus, Take 2

  1. Working fine here. Would be a good base for a larger game (esp multiplayer) if only it was a better game. As it stands, it’s a bit simplistic and is useless if you don’t have paper n pencil handy.

    IIRC, there was a graphical HtW for the old TI PC. I was thinking of looking it up. Looked a bit like those old graphical D&D games for Intellivision, which in turn looked like Hack/Nethack, which brings us full circle to hamquest.

    /me loves to comment on blogs.

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