In which I decide to take a suggestion

I took Hammurabi and Hunt the Wumpus, and rewrote them in javascript.

Nothing wrong with ChoiceScript. I just don’t actually need it. I got tired of banging my head up against the limitations of the scripting engine, and rather than be constantly improving it, just use a scripting language in which all that I need already exists.

I signed up for AdSense, and once I hear back from them, I will incorporate ads into these pages (and likely elsewhere on playdeez.com).

I even now have a twitter account, which I had been avoiding for some time.  What I want to do basically requires that I have one.


2 thoughts on “In which I decide to take a suggestion

  1. Only wumpus complaint is that “generating maze, placing bats” screen seems unnecessary. Not sure how fast it is on a mobile, but it’s instantaneous here.

    Just checked to see if “hamurabi.com” with only one “m” (because that’s how it was spelled in 8 character filename land) was available, and it ain’t.

  2. Yeah. I’m going to take that “generating” page out. It doesn’t really take any time.
    I’ll replace that with a “Generating world…done!” at the top of the first status screen, like it is done in hammurabi.
    Also, I think hunt the wumpus sufficiently epitomizes “classic” games of this kind enough that hammurabi can exist on there comfortably.

    I also found another perfect domain:


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