New User/High Score System

From the day I first put it into HoneyComb until now, there has been a User/High Score system on playdeez.com.

The back end consists of old style ASP, which talks to an MS Access database through ADO.

Which makes it state of the art … for 1998.

As it turns out, however, my provider gives me a MySQL database as part of my hosting package, which makes it a little more 2008-ish, so after carefully considering that I did not want to completely rewrite my user system, I set about the task of migrating it.

Now this is a “live” system. Live in the sense that zombies are alive, anyway. I do not have any active users at the moment.  However, on the off-chance that somebody stops by and uses the old system, I didn’t want to leave out that persons activity the day I finally throw the switch on the new system.

Plus the fact that the new system will look ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL to the old system until I can give it some sort of face-lift.  The only difference is the database connection.

Yeah, I wish “only difference” were the right way to put it.  For much of the migration things have gone pretty well. However, little snags have shown up in the old code not quite working right with the mysql odbc provider, requiring me to tweak the ancient vbscript to make it work.

And of course, the fact that the user/high score system was basically duct-taped together compounds the issue.

In this process I’ve had to reverse engineer a lot of my own code, as it has stood there in most cases for years untouched.

One thing I can say… I was *REALLY* SOLID at writing JavaScript about a year ago, a skill level to which I hope to return.  This will be especially important if I am to proceed with my plan, which is to port HamQuest to javascript, and have it playable in the browser.

But first: finish c# HamQuest and move user system into MySQL, then change ASP to PHP, then…


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