Stock Market (Android Game)

This is the support page for Stock Market.

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Design Notes:

The basic premise of Stock Market is pretty simple.

Each turn, you buy and sell various forms of stock.

Availability of any particular type of stock is unlimited.

There are no broker’s fees.

Purchases and sales are immediate and final.

Each game the player starts out with a fixed amount of money.

Each game goes for a certain number of turns.

Once the player has done all of the trading he wishes to do, he ends the turn.

After the turn has ended, the stock prices change according to a roll of 2d6.

A 2 means the stock went bankrupt. The shares are eliminated, and a new company comes to take the place of the stock, restored to a new default value.

A 3 means that the stock is now 1/3 of the price. A 4 means x1/2, a 5 means x2/3. A 6 means x3/4. 7 means no change.8 means x4/3. 9 means x3/2. 10 means x2. 11 means x3, and 12 means x4.

Based on these numbers, an average result yields a multiple of ~1.2, so stocks gradually go up, and can randomly completely tank.

A completely realistic simulation of the stock market, right?

The goal is to get a high score. Score is naturally depending on how much money is made in the time period.

A short game is 5 turns. A medium game is 10  turns. A long game is 20 turns. An extra long game is 60 turns.  Statistics, like high scores and average scores, are maintained for each length of game.

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