Rock, Scissors, Paper (Android Game)

Rock, Scissors, Paper

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Design Notes:

After GMN, I wanted to churn out another quick game, in a similar “text” vein as the first one.

I had a number of candidates (Russian Roulette, Feed the Fish, Hunt the Wumpus, Hamurabi), but decided on Rock, Scissors, Paper.

The game is more complex than GMN, since it involves the concept of rounds and matches.

I also decided I wanted to have some user selected configuration, and some statistics.


The game itself is very simple.  The user picks one of the three symbols, and the game randomly selects one, does the comparison, and calculates scores and updates statistics.

Lessons Learned:

I learned to use the stored preferences in android.

I also learned that it was not necessarily the best choice for what I was doing.

I learned that my tactic of using multiple activities, one for each game state, is probably a bad idea.  I’m going to try something different next time.

I have found the string resources file a bit unwieldy once the number of string gets beyond a few dozen.

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