This is the MonkeyNanners support page.

Before going any further, I must state that this “game” is a work in progress.

After making JetLag 2013, I thought that I might make a game for my 2 year old.

My first thought was to make a game where you try to keep a banana away from a monkey.

So I made the demo. The monkey would head for the banana, and touching the screen would move the banana to wherever you touched.

Since the target audience was 2, I didn’t have any sort of lose condition. Once the monkey reached the banana, he would just stay there and you could move the banana further.

Well, my kid didn’t “get it”, and kept trying to feed the banana to the monkey.

Okay… switch it to a “feed the monkey” game.

And that’s the current state of MonkeyNanners. Monkeys come in from off-screen, and if you feed them, they run off.

Keep going until you get bored of it.

Eventually, I will make it into a game with a real point (although always leaving a “free play” mode for my daughter).

These are the additional modes planned:

  1. Timed Mode – 60 seconds to feed as many monkeys as you can!
  2. 100 Monkeys – how long does it take to feed 100 monkeys?

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