JetLag 2013



This is the support page for JetLag 2013 for Android.

The game is very simple: tap the screen to start, tap on the side of the screen you want to head towards.

You can’t straighten out.

Scoring is a little different. You earn score when you turn, and the score that you earn depends on how long you went without turning.

If you went 1 line without turning, you get one point.

If you went 2 lines, then 1 + 2, or 3 points.

If you went 3 lines, then 1 + 2 + 3, or 6 points.

And so on.

The board is 40 squares across, with a wall on either side, leaving 38 squares in which you play.

If you turned at the far right or left, and kept going until the other side, you would span 37 columns, for 703 points.

There is only 1 life in this game.

Make the most of it.

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