Game Development

Click the Yellow Rhombus

So yeah. Missed adding this here, but I added Click the Yellow Rhombus over at

This is the second in a series of getting back to basics using Love2D.

In particular, CTYR required me to get good with handling mouse events. I wound up having to make simplistic controls on screen, which generally pushed me in a direction of needing a scene graph, which I have been working to build slowly since.

If you would like the source code, you can find it here.

Some of the things that got developed/advanced as compare to JetLag during this project:


I’m using actual images in CTYR, as compared to rectangles in JetLag. Some of the more simple graphics I made with InkScape.

I made the following graphics:

  • The rhombus
  • The background
  • The start button

Other graphics I got from

I get my fonts from dafont.

State Machine

CTYR has five states, so a full on state machine was an absolute need.


JetLag was keyboard only. Yes, I could have put in GamePad controls, but it would still be “hit a button on an external device” controls.

CTYR is completely mouse controlled, so controls are contextual based on where the mouse pointer is.

For this, I created a single control: the button. The start button is one. The mute and info icons are buttons. The rhombus is a button. It was all I needed.

In fact, the rhombus in CTYR is considered “clicked” if you get within its bounding box. Could I have been pixel perfect about it? Yep! Why didn’t I? I don’t need to.




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