Game Development

Defold Lets Me Down, and Griblers Does Not

So, I tried defold, and after doing so, I’m going to go back to Love2D.


Defold is not a bad tool, it just isn’t for the kinds of games that I make. It is for sprite games where you jump and collide and whatnot.

I make games that take place on a grid.

This can be done in defold. Make a game object as the “controller” that responds to inputs, and have those inputs modify the grid. However, when I tried to layer my grid, the transparency didn’t work, so…

I’ve been playing a mobile game Griblers. I like it and highly recommend. It is a crafty-questy-gathery game.

Also, while I realize that I really, really, REALLY wanna make a Splorr!! game, they quickly collapse under their own weight, and really suck to work on after a short while.

So back to basics for me. JetLag, Wandermaze, Pipes, Honeycomb, etc for a while. I want to get several new/updated out on and GameJolt.



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