Hunting the Wumpus (Searching For "The Ultimate" GameDev Tool)

On Hunting the Wumpus (The Quest for “The Ultimate” GameDev Tool)

I embark upon a quest that cannot be achieved. No, there is no “Ultimate” GameDev tool.

Mostly, I’m looking for one that makes me the least grumpy.

So, the best way I can think of to do this is to try things, take some metrics, and come up with a score.

I’ve decided to go with a “Grumpiness Index” (a negative score) instead of a positive merit based score. This just means that low scores are good.

So, I have categories:

  • Cross Platform(Weight: 3): does the tool allow building for multiple platforms?
  • Local Storage(Weight: 9): can I save data to be retrieved later?
  • Text Input(Weight: 3): can I get an actual unicode input string from the player?
  • Localization(Weight: 3): how hard is it to change display language?
  • Debugging(Weight: 9): how bad are the debugging tools?
  • Strongly Typed(Weight: 3): versus weakly typed.
  • Web Service(Weight: 9): how hard is it to make a request to a web page and get a result?
  • Database(Weight: 1): can I connect to a databse?
  • GamePad(Weight: 1): is using the gamepad supported?
  • Cost(Weight: 9): how expensive is it?
  • Ramp Up(Weight: 9): how difficult is it to learn?

Notice the Weight values after each. A 1 is a “nice to have” and a 9 is an essential feature. A 3 I can live without, but prefer not to.

When evaluating something, I will also give scores of 1, 3 or 9. Occasionally, I’ll give a 0 for the Cost category when something is free, 1 if something isn’t too much of a hassle, 3 if it is a minor pain point, and 9 if it is an intolerable deal breaker.

Multiply scores by weights, add them up, and get a grumpiness score, called the wumpuscore.


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