The Answer is Dropbox

I have multiple machines that I develop on.

When doing C# dev, I can use SVN and google code or assembla and keep things synchronized pretty well.

For Java dev, I have not had as much success.

For one thing, eclipse has a large number of frivolous files that I just don’t need checked in.

Also, I tend to leave out the bin directory when I’m checking in to SVN.

This apparently confuses eclipse.

Yes, I tried the svn plugin.

Hated it.

So, the answer is Dropbox for Java projects.

However, the way I install it is not the standard way.

The standard installation in Windows puts the folder under C:\Users\USERNAME\Dropbox

Not all of my machines have the same user.

So I put it in a custom location instead.


This way all of my classpath and other garbage stays consistent between the machines I develop on.

Also, I’ve gotten more organized with how my Dropbox folder is organized.

I have a Libs folder with subfolders for the various external dependencies that I have, like lwjgl, slick, zxing.

I have a Projects folder with subfolders for the various workspaces. I similarly split workspaces by broad category.

Sigh. Getting there…


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