Release to share

The current version of Minoquar can be downloaded and played here.

Works on a  mac (just tested it).

Likely to crash if the minoquar gets you. (you are likely to be eated by a Yen symbol).

And a video in case you don’t want to download it:



2 thoughts on “Release to share

  1. Hey great implementation! Unfortunately with a major problem on my netbook screen. The overall size is just too big to fit all of the qr code on the screen, so I’m missing the top bit of the complete code. Makes playing the game a little bit tricky!

    1. I think this info shows what’s going wrong….my netbook has a screen that is 1024 wide x 600 high, you can’t fit 720 pixels into 600!

      INFO:Slick Build #274
      INFO:LWJGL Version: 2.0b1
      INFO:OriginalDisplayMode: 1024 x 600 x 32 @60Hz
      INFO:TargetDisplayMode: 720 x 720 x 0 @0Hz
      INFO:Starting display 720×720
      INFO:Use Java PNG Loader = true
      INFO:Controllers not available

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