Ano Sekai == Yak Shaving

Actually, Ano Sekai == (something japanese that only japanese speaking folks and Canadian anime fanboys know), so no corrections on that, please.

Anyway, if you haven’t been following SteelGolem’s Minecraft/Terraria/Black & White mashup, you can do so here.

In particular, I was following his “circles on a field” prototype.

I noted that it reminded me of a number of things.

First, Parallel Kingdom.

Second, Flatland.

And the amalgamation of these ideas, plus npc management ai stuff made for, IMO, an interesting idea worth pursuing.

And then he mentions that he’s going back to blocky.


But seriously.

I was thinking of all the possibilities of the game concept in general, naturally starting with derivatives of the games I play, like Minecraft.

I also thought it perhaps could be a basis for Medieval Micromanager.

And so I started coming up with a simplified concept with a few resources to see where it went.

My simplified concept involved saplings and trees and storage chests, and generally everything that every OTHER game like this ALREADY has.

And then I stopped, for I realized the centralized basis upon which this game must rest:


The grind must not be continual and periodic trips to replenish the wood supply. Every game does that.

INSTEAD, the grind must be about various YAK RELATED PRODUCTS.

So its the kernel of an idea.

Next on the list is to put together some requirements for a yak simulator, using little circles for yaks, patches of grass, watering holes, and much much more.



3 thoughts on “Ano Sekai == Yak Shaving

  1. Always thought of making a casual game portal/mmorpg built around Flatland. Basically you become a flatlander and can move into rooms where you can play games based on your character. Like you could go into the Pac Man playroom and play Pac Man with your character as the guy. My other prototypes for new content, cryptotwit and hangtwit, never went anywhere, though.

    I do still own domain names around “The Flativerse”, but I haven’t done anything with ’em.

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