Difficult, Not Difficult, and @cokeandcode

First, here’s a link to a stand-alone Click the Yellow Rhombus JAR file that works on my 32 Bit Windows 7 machine. No guarantees. Your mileage may vary.  I’ll be trying it out on my mac and linux machines shortly.

All the cool kids share their stuff on dropbox, I’m told.

Second, the tale of coming up with this JAR was harrowing.

Granted I am pretty much a Java n00b (although less and less as time goes on), I didn’t know some things.

One, resources (like PNGs and OGGs) need to be in the source tree. Handy tip.

Second, don’t export as a runnable jar and expect to jarsplice it into a big runnable jar that works.

Third, I’m still missing something important regarding making Applets.  I’ll be tackling this next.

And now we know.


Next, some stuff that has worked our marvelously.

Most importantly, Slick2D.

Here is why I really like Kevin Glass, author of Slick2D (@cokeandcode on “the twitter”).

Y’know how most of the time in any framework dealing with graphics in a particular language, there are those things that the library provides, and those things that your have to build.

For me, these things are typically state machines and resource managers.

I didn’t have to build the state machine. There’s already the basis for one there.

And a master volume control? Its there.

And xml functions that don’t suck (unlike any other xml functions I’ve seen in Java, which all DO suck), somewhat like the ones in .NET that I am used to working with.

Basically, he thought to make 99% of the stuff I usually need to make when coming to a new platform.

I still had to build my resource managers, but so many other things were just already there that I don’t mind.

In short, I’m able to work on content, and not framework.

Thanks, Kev!


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