I like easy.

Development of software doesn’t have to be difficult.

I recall plenty of times when the platform I was working on didn’t know that.

In particular, the time I was dabbling in Objective-C for the iPhone.

At the time Xcode was hard to use.

I’ve heard it has gotten better, but there is just a bad taste in my mouth from it.

So, as one of the first steps towards my goals (stated yesterday), I came across JarSplice.

JarSplice is a really easy way to package the various pieces of a Java application as a single runnable JAR file, complete with natives.

This doesn’t help with the running in a browser part, but it does help with the running on a person’s desktop without having a huge tree of items to unpack. Just download the single JAR and go.

The applet part will be more complicated to set up (for me), but at the same site as JarSplice there are tutorials on it.

So basically, I will stand on the shoulders of Mr. Ninjacave, and be able to progress further in the quest.


Next on the docket: the fate of PlayDeez.com.

Naturally, I want to keep it, but its current state (hopelessly broken) is no good, and I don’t want to be paying even the $4/month for the hosting.

So, I think I’m going to sign up for dyn.org’s service, get rid of the shared hosting on brinkster, and point playdeez.com to my little router at home and though that router to the little mac mini currently running MAMP.

My router is one of those that supports talking to dyn.org whenever its IP address changes, so we’re good to go there. I just have to set that and be done.



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