A New Year, A New Dungeon Delver

This is not the longest haitus I’ve ever taken.

Nor is it likely to be my last.

Previously, I had been working on HamQuest in C# and Silverlight, and toying with moving it to XNA.

A lot of things have happened since then.

One of which that I started making MineCraft plugins.

The reason I made Minecraft plugins was because I was running a MineCraft server, and I was using plugins, and they sucked.

Which means that I started developing with Java.

Which means I started using Eclipse.

Which means I realized that Javas not so bad, and Eclipse is not so bad.

So now I’m making a Dungeon Delver in Java.

And rather than simply porting the C# code (because there are a bunch of things that I sort of backed myself into a corner on) I decided not to make a simple port, but to make an entire new game, applying some of the lessons I learned(or re-learned) while developing HamQuest.




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