Desktop Dungeons

Okay. I live not exactly under a rock, but in the shade of the very rock in which the underrockdwellers live. So I don’t hear about a lot of things, mainly because I’m not paying a lot of attention.

Yesterday, through the very small filter I have, I discovered Desktop Dungeons.  I first downloaded the free alpha version to my pc, and was playing it, and infected my coworkers with it. I am the ebola monkey who also introduced them to MineCraft. I have also attempted to infect them with Terraria.

When I first played Desktop Dungeons, I said to myself “Well, I guess I can stop developing HamQuest now”.

This is not actually true. HamQuest, while sharing a genre with Desktop Dungeons, and similarly sharing the design style of minimalism, is quite different in some fundamental ways, and so work will continue.

For E3, the DD folks allowed everybody to check out the DD demo online.

I realized this after I had already been playing the alpha version (and liking it an awful lot) for a few hours.

So I checked out the online version.

Instantly hated it.

Apparently something is wrong with me.

Maybe so, but if it is, then the same thing is wrong with people like Viridian Games.

I guess I’m just a part of a cross section of humanity that wants to risk being eaten by a grue.

And I’m okay with that.


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