Rudimentary Configuration Loading

I have achieved some of the basics for reading in XML configuration files into descriptor objects for HamQuest for the Android.

I put in the ability to specify types. This time around, I am not having the loader automatically trying to determine the type of data it is for the primitive data. The only assumption that it makes is the if there is no type specified, then it must be a string.

Also, since I do not want to shave the yak of introspection, I’m going to wind up with a small number of fixed types that can be loaded in. Really, there won’t be all that many, mainly weighted generators and string sets.

Getting this part done is highly important to the project. Upon this section lies the functionality of the rest of the application. Without it, I cannot even generate a room, nor a room’s contents.


I started playing a game on my phone called “Adventure Ho!”.

It oddly has nothing to do with prostitutes.

It is one of those “whimsical” RPG-ish games. You choose a highly unlikely protagonist, purchase highly unlikely weapons and armors, and fight against highly unlikely antagonists in equally unlikely scenes.

For example, I am a Hamster armed with a leafblower and wearing a denim jacket. I just came through the casino where I fought against people like bouncers and drunks.

Basically, it is a “manage your hitpoints and mana and inventory” game.

You proceed through various locations, each one with a particular number of enemies to fight to get through it.  Each character has his own strengths and weaknesses.

I was starting to think that a similar type of game could be used for a HamQuest type game, meaning the same sort of combat mechanics as HQ, but without actually moving about a room, but instead going between locations. The locations would be towns/shoppes/places to buy stuff, or areas where a particular enemy to fight is, and the paths between places would be a particular number of monsters to fight to get through.

Its a thought, anyway.

I’d likely have to do things like add special abilities (i.e. “spells”) to HQ in order to make this work.

And naturally, the locations would be arrange in a maze of pathways. Can’t get away from mazes that easily, you know…


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