Medieval Micromanager Revisions

So I’ve been giving some thought to some of the rules of MM.

I introduced it to a friend of mine, and we’ve taken a few faltering steps towards slowly playtesting it at the rate of about a turn a day.

As he was reading the rules, we talked a bit about Tools and Craftsmen.

Currently, a Craftsman may be built out of a Peasant at a School for the cost of 1 Tool, and the old rule was that a Craftsman could work one slot of a building and produce double at the cost of one Tool.

However, a Tool is produced at a Toolsmith for the cost of 1 Action and 2 Metal.

Metal is produced at a Smelter for the cost of 2 Ore and 1 Action.

Ore is produced at a Mine for the cost of 1 Action.

Which means that to produce one Tool costs 7 Actions, and the previous rule was to trade it in for (effectively) an extra action.

Not worth it, as it turns out.

So I have come up with the following change:

A craftsman with a tool may work all of the available slots of a Building on a particular turn for the cost of 1 Tool.

Which means that one could start a Building, and complete it with 1 Craftsman and 1 Tool.  The construction cost in Lumber or Stone would remain the same, naturally.

However, this is effectively trading 8 Actions(counting the action where the Tool is used) for 5 Actions, which isn’t worth it, either, but it does build a building in 1 turn.

On Produce actions, the Craftsman produces double the amount normally produced per slot, and may still use all available slots in the Building.  The material cost is also double, of course.

So, on a Farm with no depletion, a Craftsman can use a Tool and produce 10 Grain. That is trading 8 Actions for 10 Actions, which is a bit better.

In a mixed environment, for example a Farm with 3 Damage, the Craftsman may both produce grain on the 2 undamaged slots, and build on the other 3.  A Craftsman may not fix depletion, however. Once the craftsman fixes the damage, you can immediately have a Peasant come and work those slots.

Or, indeed, you could use one Craftsman and Tool to build a building from nothing, and then another Craftsman and Tool to completely use all 5 slots, and get double production.

I think this better incentivizes the use of Craftsmen and tools.

Either that, or I’ll need to tweak it again.


One thought on “Medieval Micromanager Revisions

  1. This is sounding too Settlers of Catan in theme. Change it to termites in a termite mound. I can’t think of any termite-themed resource management games. Termites are perfect for boardgames, as they’re automatons working in a giant system.

    Fact: German has no hard-C, so “Catan” is more correctly pronounced “Satan” (although with short-A’s on both syllables).

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