Medieval Micromanager – The Board Game

Over the last several weeks, I played the game Forgotten Lands – First Colony. I even bought it. It was $5 at Big Fish Games. I played it through. It reminded me of my game idea for Medieval Micromanager, which was a game idea that defied all attempts at actually getting anywhere with development of the game.

I also played the board game Pandemic. After these two things, I realized something….

Medieval Micromanager doesn’t have to be a computer game. It could instead be a BOARD GAME. This makes it even more interesting to play as one would play it against other people(rather than a computer controlled Barbarian Horde).  Plus, as an added bonus, it takes a REALLY LONG time to play and build up from the next-to-nothing resources one starts with.  However, unlike other lengthy games, the setup is quite simple.

So, I put together a draft of the rules, and I’ll (as soon as I have opportunity) be play testing these.  I’ll be looking for the areas I need to tweak in order for it to work out in a balanced manner. I’m also quite interested to see what the preferred strategies will be in playing.  I have a suspicion that I’ll also need to add some sort of special events cards for players to draw and play.

Plus, I’m going to need to buy a bunch of 8mm colored wooden cubes, and print out some tiles and cards for the prototype.



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One Response to “Medieval Micromanager – The Board Game”

  1. John Hattan Says:

    Not sure how well it’d work for tiles, but one cheap source for cards is your local office superstore. If they have business card misprints, you can usually get a lifetime’s supply of cards for free. You’d have to cut ’em square to make tiles. The Print-n-play podcast likes to print on paper and stick ’em to vinyl peel-n-stick floor tiles for thick durable tiles. Again, you should be able to get leftovers cheap.

    Also check out Piecepack. Not sure how many cubes you’ll need, but that’s a good place to start if you just wanna make something for people to play rather than something to sell.

    And, of course, legos.

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