Medieval Micromanager – The Board Game

Over the last several weeks, I played the game Forgotten Lands – First Colony. I even bought it. It was $5 at Big Fish Games. I played it through. It reminded me of my game idea for Medieval Micromanager, which was a game idea that defied all attempts at actually getting anywhere with development of the game.

I also played the board game Pandemic. After these two things, I realized something….

Medieval Micromanager doesn’t have to be a computer game. It could instead be a BOARD GAME. This makes it even more interesting to play as one would play it against other people(rather than a computer controlled Barbarian Horde).  Plus, as an added bonus, it takes a REALLY LONG time to play and build up from the next-to-nothing resources one starts with.  However, unlike other lengthy games, the setup is quite simple.

So, I put together a draft of the rules, and I’ll (as soon as I have opportunity) be play testing these.  I’ll be looking for the areas I need to tweak in order for it to work out in a balanced manner. I’m also quite interested to see what the preferred strategies will be in playing.  I have a suspicion that I’ll also need to add some sort of special events cards for players to draw and play.

Plus, I’m going to need to buy a bunch of 8mm colored wooden cubes, and print out some tiles and cards for the prototype.



One thought on “Medieval Micromanager – The Board Game

  1. Not sure how well it’d work for tiles, but one cheap source for cards is your local office superstore. If they have business card misprints, you can usually get a lifetime’s supply of cards for free. You’d have to cut ’em square to make tiles. The Print-n-play podcast likes to print on paper and stick ’em to vinyl peel-n-stick floor tiles for thick durable tiles. Again, you should be able to get leftovers cheap.

    Also check out Piecepack. Not sure how many cubes you’ll need, but that’s a good place to start if you just wanna make something for people to play rather than something to sell.

    And, of course, legos.

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