HamQuest Update

I’ve been working a little here and there on HamQuest.

Linky poo.

I’ve been managing to fight off the temptation to mess heavily with the code base itself, at least most of the time.

Things I’ve implemented:

  • The rainbow key is now necessary to exit the dungeon.
  • You cannot exit the dungeon while wearing the Amulet of Yendor.
  • There are more tutorial messages now.

While playing yesterday, I got pretty far into the game. I had explored all of the rooms, and was attempting to get all of the megaham pieces, but they were continually stole by thieves.

A while back, I did make it much more rare for the thief to be able to do this, as that was way too annoying, but at the end game, it gets really hard because there are now creatures in just about every room, since using shoppes cause spawning, and gathering megaham pieces cause spawning.

While there is an indicator in each room specifying what is there, it is inadequate to allow spotting where megaham pieces are.

So I decided to make them more easily spotted, by changing what the room looks like in the minimap.

Then I decided that this made the game too easy if the player can do this from the get go.

And I added a new item. Internally, it is referred to as the “Compass” and is a bit of a homage to the compass of The Legend of Zelda. It looks like a ring worn on a finger.

Currently I have the dungeon spawn exactly one in a dead end room. I may later add a creature that you need to kill for it.

This sort of thing has worked really well for portal monsters and the Amulet of Yendor. Navigating dead end rooms before getting the amulet is frustrating, but at least once you get it, life is much easier.

I’m also considering items that will counter the effects of thieves and ghouls. Dunno yet.

I’m also considering making ghouls actually cause loss of a level. That’s a little harsh, and in that case, I’d definitely want to make something to counter the effect.


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