The Greatest Login Mechanism of All Time!

I wanted a nice, simple login mechanism for my games.

Something so that players can participate in if they want to, and not bother if they don’t.

I had such a thing years ago with Honeycomb, CTYR, and Hexircuit, but it required signing up with an e-mail, getting a code sent to them, verifying the account, and so on.  Upside… it worked. Downside… it took some book-keeping and extra actions on the part of the user.

A short while ago, I made a game called Feed the Fish on Facebook.  It uses the User ID from facebook to keep track of the user.  Up side… I don’t have a stupid login mechanism on my own. Downside, its using facebook, and facebook is getting stinkier by the minute with its privacy (or not) stuff.

Then I realized something very important. I have already seen and used a login mechanism that is rather close to perfect.


In MyBrute, you give yourself a name. If you want, you can put a password on the name. If you don’t want, you leave it alone, and just use the screen name. Kind of like mailinator.

NO user information whatsoever. Beautiful.  Can be protected by a password. Even better.

I just need a scheme by which to generate an account for new users, which can easily be autogenerated at first login.

Also, later on (if I so desire), I can choose to add something that will associate a facebook user with the system.

If I want. And I don’t.

I just want a way of putting up interesting statistics. Is that asking so much?


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