What We Have Learned

  1. How to embed and make use of audio in Silverlight.
  2. Not to embed high quality gigantically huge audio files.
  3. How to make a splash page for silverlight so that the user doesn’t have to look at the default loader.

Now for a last little piece: how to make and respond to a web request from silverlight.

Object Ouster is currently on Facebook. I need a couple more folks before I can submit to the gallery.


3 thoughts on “What We Have Learned

  1. Another trick from Flash. Even if your game is fully keyboard controlled, have a title screen with a “start” button that you have to click, thus guaranteeing that your applet has focus.

  2. i really gotta figure the facebook api stuff out. i also need to switch from their old REST api to the graph api.

    one of these days I’ll get it right.

    i really only grab the user id number, which I use as a primary key for my high score stuff. i don’t even look at names, genders, or anything else.

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