Music makes a game BIIIIIIG

I added music to Object Ouster.

It brought the XAP file from less than 1M to around 30M.

Which means it is now very slow to load.


I’m going to need to load in the music from external resources after loading and getting going.  The load time is intolerable.

It also takes way too long to upload right now, so externalizing the music files will allow me to leave them up there and not need to upload them every time.

Balancing act, all of these things.

However, the music is a nice touch, I think.


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2 Responses to “Music makes a game BIIIIIIG”

  1. John Hattan Says:

    30 meg? That’s like half an album of stereo MP3. What format are you using?

  2. playdeezgames Says:

    i looked at it. it was 44100 and 32 bit.
    I chopped it down, and it is much better now.
    now i simply need a custom loader screen for my game, to make it look less silverlighty

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