Medieval Micromanager Rethought

The game idea I had which I call “Medieval Micromanager” I used to think of in terms of a turn based strategy game, with a lot of game play from the original DOS version of Sid Meier’s Colonization (as in, you assign workers to different tasks, and they perform their tasks when you click the “turn” button).

I’m now rethinking it in terms of a time management game.  So far, the way that I conceive that the game would work would flow much better.  You’d have a pool of workers, a number of buildings for producing different sorts of items, and you’d drag a worker onto the building and have him perform the work, and a little timer bar does its thing, and the finished goods are produced, the raw goods are consumed, and the worker is put back into the pool.

If I had an artist, I could even make it cute.

Still just an idea on the back burner, though.


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