TurtlePop now has themes.

I did a rough implementation of one of the features for TurtlePop.

I implemented themes, and put in four of them.

I plan to dip into IconBuffet for quite a few more, as well as my angband graphics collection.

Some time soon, the game will be renamed “Object Ouster”.


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2 Responses to “TurtlePop now has themes.”

  1. John Hattan Says:

    I know you’re into time management games. Here’s a freebie at GGOTD. http://game.giveawayoftheday.com/kings-smith/

    Note that it’s only free today (Sunday). And don’t just download the installer thinking you can install it later.

  2. Sister Says:

    For some reason the themes make me think of those horrid ice cream treats we could get as kids that were in the shape if Pac Man.

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