Movie Reviews: The Expendables and Killers

I saw two movies last night at the Keno Drive-In.

First was The Expendables.

The only thing I have to say is that the term “expendable” means “unnecessary”, and that makes the movie perfectly titled.

Spoiler: the “good guys” win, with the “good guys” being mass-murdering mercenaries.

Did I like it? No

Did I expect to like it? I half expected it to be OK.

Would I recommend it? No.


Second was Killers.

There are two different ways in which the phrase “This movie was a killer!” can be interpreted. In one interpretation, it means that it was majorly awesome.  In the other interpretation, it was absolutely awful. The second one applies here.

I was half expecting a romantic-comedy/double-life-spy-thriller a la True Lies. Instead I got a-spy-who-leaves-“the-game” and a misinterpretation of a postcard that causes massive suburban body piling.

Spoiler: Dad was behind it the whole time, and they have a baby.

Did I like it? Not really.

Did I expect to like it? I has mostly expecting something “cute, but explody”. I didn’t get it.

Would I recommend it? No.

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