New Quickie Game

Yesterday, my wife was playing a game at pogo.com called Poppit!

She was not satisfied with exploding pies.  She mentioned that I should make a game like is, so behold:

I unleash upon the world another hastily thrown together hopelessly derivative game!

It is called Turtle-Pop, and you can play it here.

The state at this time is “barely functional”.  It does not detect the “no more moves” condition. It does no collapsing animation in the slightest.  It represents all of about three hours worth of work, and more importantly it includes the use of Angband graphics.

At some point, I will re-theme it with the creatures of hamquest, or perhaps the items, depending on what images are most easily differentiated.

In fact, I think all of my games should be re-themed with hamquest graphics.


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