Student Status, Windows Phone 7, and HamQuest Improvements

Over the last couple of days, I learned a few things.

One, that my status of “student” is far more valuable that I first realized:

  1. I was able to verify my status for DreamSpark, and there are a number of tools I now get to make use of for free, namely Visual Studio NON-Express.
  2. I was able to get a free developer account for the windows mobile marketplace.

Two, I improved my XAML skills, mostly as a result of using Visual Studio 2010 for Windows Phone. Considering that I’ve been making HamQuest in Silverlight, the fact that I can also use Silverlight for the phone appeals. Also the fact that the resolution of the phone screen is 480×800 means that my 480×480 map area actually fits, which means I don’t actually have to change the size of the map, I just have to rearrange the screen somewhat in order to get HQ onto it.

But before that, I decided to whip up a copy of “Feed the Fish” for the phone. Unlike the couple of times I attempted to get into iPhone development, I’m not going to do excessive Yak Shaving.  A game of feed the fish is fine. A game of click the yellow rhombus is also fine. A game of jetlag is fine. Pipes. Hammurabi. Hunt the Wumpus. Even a port of HamQuest, since it is for all intents and purposes a complete game that I’m simply adding features to.  I’m *NOT* going to start some big project specifically for the platform. Forget it.

Plus, I think I’ve made peace with my artistic aesthetic: ugly, cheesy games that are fun.


One thought on “Student Status, Windows Phone 7, and HamQuest Improvements

  1. You’re in a unique position, as Silverlight games are scarce at best. Apparently MS is paying bounties for Phone7 apps. You might wanna pester ’em with a working demo and see if they’re willing to help you get it into top-shelf state.

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