WLMM, Planet Man, and Bad Animation

I just updated The Planet Man.  I think I’ve got the first 2.5 minutes of the episode memorized. (Stop Motion Animation is tedious, y’all.)

There are plenty of spots where, after re-watching it, I either started to early or too late with the characters talking, or the characters suddenly jumped to a previous expression, or the worst one where the area captured on screen moved.

I left them all in. They delight me.


Because they are the sorts of things that I treasure in bad film, and I came by them honestly. I didn’t have to fake being a bad animator. I *AM* a bad animator.


In other news, I created a tool that’ll spit out pretty much any sort of color to fade in or fade out. It spits out the wlmx file which can then be used directly by WLMM.

Also, I noticed a different lack in the WLMM transitions.  There are six wipes. Narrow, normal, and wide wipes that go to the right or down.  There are not wipes that go up or to the left.  For completeness, I am like to just go ahead and make them.

I probably need to start making these items available.


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