Making Movies and Microsoft’s Commitment to XML

So, I had of late been playing with Windows Live Movie Maker.

And in playing around with the tool, I noticed that the selection of transitions and various effects was enough to get one started, but rather lacking otherwise.

So I investigated and found that all of the various effects and whatnot are in xml files, and those xml files describe how the transition or effect is made.

They are X3D files, which apparently is the successor to VRML.

Not that it really matters. Its XML, and I can figure out the XML and tweak things to the way I want them.

When I was first exploring the use of the tool, I noted that there was a fade in and fade out to white or black.

I made one that fades in or out to red.  It wasn’t much of a change.

In my screen capture tool, I put a frame around where the picture was being taken. Makes it much easier to use.  I’ll have to make my tool available sometime.

After realizing that the effects are all XML, I looked at the project save files.

Yep. XML.

It looks like I may be able to programmatically generate some of the stop motion content.  Using the GUI to generate 9 minutes of content at 4 images per second is just a bit much, and so anything to speed this along will be good.


2 thoughts on “Making Movies and Microsoft’s Commitment to XML

  1. Non-programming question (because you know full well that I am not a programmer)…have you found the function in WLMM that will allow you to take a video clip and speed it up? I’d found and used it in WMM, but Live is giving me fits. In theory, I should just be able to click on the clip I want to speed up and click on the function…but nothing doing.

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