HamQuest User Interface and Documentation

After my first video journal on HamQuest, I got valuable insight into some things.

First, my continued lack of documentation is appalling. A player new to the game and new to the genre will be completely lost.

Of course, that’s sort of part of the roguelike genre, but I’ve been stapling “casual” on the front, which means that there has to be some manner of guiding a new player gently into the game.

And that means revisiting the tutorial mode.


I’m also considering a change to the UI.

Currently the game plays in a 640px x 560px window.

I’m thinking of moving it to an 800px x 600px window.

This would lead to a panel on the left similar in width to the panel on the right, the availability of more space for more items, the ability to actually show the pieces of the megaham as they are acquired, the ability to show the statistics as far as how many monsters have been killed, as well as how many hams eaten, potions drunk, etc etc.

But without the player’s ability to know what the little icons on the screen and numbers on them mean, it is all useless.

So, step one: redo the user interface at 800px x 600px, and step two: tutorial mode.

I’ll finally be getting to some “new feature” work, which will be energizing.


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