PlayDeez Games Video Journal #1

You can see it here.

Interesting things about BB Flashback 2 Express.

  1. It is free
  2. It offers absolutely NO editing capability whatsoever.

Which means that I basically need to do these things in a single take, at least until I find something that I can edit with.  Since Flashback can export to FLV or AVI, any editor that accepts these formats would work.

Until then, you can listen to me say assinine things like “written in Silverlight 4” instead of what I actually mean, which is “written in C# targetting silverlight 4”, but no biggie, as most people will know what I mean.

So: why a video journal?

I cannot simply blame John Hattan this time.

Uhfgood has to share the blame.

I also happened to have a cheap-o microphone headset I bought for skyping a while back, and once I found a free screen recorder, that was it.

While at this point, I will happily go along making more of these videos touting games I have made/will make/want to make and pretty much anything else that comes to mind, I’d be interested to check for the feasibility of doing a skype session with screen sharing, recording the screen on that, and uploading THAT.

Because everybody knows… videos are way more popular if you have two buffoons color commentating each other instead of a single buffoon talking to himself and a non-existent audience.


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