A Vacation to (nearly) Everywhere

I got back from my vacation last Saturday.

My wife and I went to (or through) Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Georgia again, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee again, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois again, and then finally back to Wisconsin.

Fifteen states in seven days, if you count Wisconsin.  My original plan had been to also hit Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa(and never actually hit the same state twice until returning to Wisconsin), but did not for a couple of reasons.  One, Hurricane Alex made for much rain in the gulf area, so after Florida I just headed back up to Georgia rather than going along I-10 to New Orleans as planned.  Two, my wife was a little tired of the big drive each day and wanted to enjoy stuff along the way.

We stayed in Winchester KY, Columbia SC, Largo FL, Perry GA, Jonesboro AR, and Hardy AR.

I recommend the Spring River Lodge in Hardy AR.

I recommend against the Motel 6 in Columbia SC.

The rest of the places we stayed were OK.

In a week, we drove over 2200 miles, which basically means living in a car.


I started refactoring Island Interloper the other day. I decided that I was still early on enough to kind of switch gears with the pattern of development, which means rather than the super slow process of revising everything piece by piece into a more organized and consistent form, I decided to reimplement.  It is still in JavaScript, but I disliked some things about the way the code was (un)structured.


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