Island Interloper

Finally winding down with the end of spring/beginning of summer activities, and I got a chance today to work on something fun for a change. That something is a moderately ugly but at least semi-functional Island Interloper. While still in a rather rough state (and the “deleteme” folder is a guarantee of non-permanent placement), one can navigate the world, dock, trade (in food only right now, the margins are slim), and sail the ocean.

This particular incarnation of Island Interloper dates back to October of 2009 (at least, that’s what the Assembla SVN changelog tells me).  I remember at the time I was working on a C# command line version of Interloper, and decided that the unwieldiness of the console interface was just too much, and wouldn’t it just be so much easier with a GUI straight away, which will eventually always lead me to making something in JavaScript.

Speaking of SVN…. I was doing a search today for a Mac SVN client (with a nice GUI… something equivalent of Tortoise SVN for windows). While I found SmartSVN, as well as a number of others, I have not found one that is free. It looks like I may need to learn to use the command line in about 31 days, when the trial elapses. Applications like Island Interloper don’t justify the cost of paying for an SVN client that will only work on 1 of the 4 machines I develop with.  Plus it is a good thing to know the command line syntax for SVN, I just know it.

Speaking as well of JavaScript. After using NotePad++ as my IDE (really just a “DE” – no “Integrated” to speak of), the rough equivalent of which on the Mac is Text Wrangler(which is still a fine tool), I have decided to move to Aptana Studio, although at the moment, I’m using it more like NotePad++ and less like how it is intended.  Over time, I’ll gradually shift over to using more of the built-in functionality. Works the same on both PC and Mac, so I can switch-hit my development on both.  Plus I have WAMP on my windows boxes, and MAMP on my Mac, I’ve got equivalent environments.

Speaking of switch-hitting. In using the Mac, at first I was somewhat hobbled by a couple of things. the first was Windows key (I use a Windows keyboard on my Mac) was basically like the Ctrl in windows.  Switching back and forth caused a number of typing errors and task menus popping up and other bizarre things that generally made me less productive. Fortunately, the Mac gives me a way to change it to more closely match my Windows layout. The second major item was the Home/End situation. I could not get used to Ctrl + arrow to replicate the Windows functionality of Home and End. Fortunately, the Mac allows me to change those around as well. There is a global setting, and from time to time I have to switch the functionality within a particular program. I feel this is rather accommodating on the part of the Mac, really. I know that there are a number of Mac fundamentalists who sneer at those of us who remap these keys from the “one true way” that they should be, but hey… I work at a job where I develop for PC all week. Using a Mac earns me nothing at the moment.


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