Two New Domains

I picked up two new domains, and they seem to be working already, at least where I’m at.

They are:  hunt-the-wumpus.com and hunt-the-wump.us.  I am particularly fond of my cleverness in the second one.

Both point at the same spot at playdeez.com, and so some javascript trickery is necessary in order to get them directed to the correct place.

This is not an official launch or anything, as my AdSense account hasn’t been approved yet.

Once it does, I’ll be launching this for real.


One thought on “Two New Domains

  1. Brilliant URL. IMHO, make that the primary.

    Also, no need to use a bitly URL for twitter if you’re that far under 140 characters. And make the facebook and stumbleupon links go to the hunt-the-wump.us rather than playdeez. Gotta start cementing that URL into peoples’ minds 🙂

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