200th Post

This has been slowly creeping up on me.  This is the 200th post on this blog, which makes it the longest blog I’ve ever blogged.

When talking about blogging, I feel like I’m a smurf, using the word smurf for everything.


I started on another port from crusty old line number BASIC into JavaScript.

I had played at doing a re-do of Werewolves and Wanderer on the iPhone, and so I figure this is a shoo-in for a javascript port.

In each of these ports, I’ve attempted to treat the original subject matter with a level of respect. After all, it is programs like these that helped me enter into the world of programming.

Certainly I put my own spin on these things, as these were meant to be tinkered with anyway. For example the ending statuses for Hammurabi differ greatly from the code I found.  Also, the death scenes in Wumpus are more… grisly, but with a touch of macabre humor.

In the course of doing these, I’ve made sure to look up the original authors as best I can, and provide links to information on them.

So far, in three games, there are two dead dudes.  Gregory Yob (aka Hara Ra, aka Gregory H. Coresun) was the original author of Wumpus. And his head is frozen in Scottsdale, AZ, and has been that way since 2005.  Tim Hartnell, author of Werewolves and Wanderer, died at age 40 in 1991. Almost 20 years he has been dead.  He has a few other books that I found used copies of on Amazon.com.

David H. Ahl is still around. His website building skills need updating, but give him a break. He’s 71.

Now, the fact that I am working at making updated versions of games that the original authors were inspired to make because of various games they had played on mainframes written by the bronze age programmers is not lost upon me.


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