Dungeon of Doom!


Yeah, so after doing Hammurabi and Hunt the Wumpus, I finally decided to go with a more story based original work in ChoiceScript.

Its one where I can slowly add to it, one scene at a time, as the mood strikes.  Currently it doesn’t have much.

It is called the Dungeon of Doom.  You can find it here. It isn’t much right now.  I did, however, finally decide to use some of the ChoiceScript “enhancements” I made, especially gosub/return and stacks.  I’m still a programmer at heart.


One thought on “Dungeon of Doom!

  1. These are excellent. Now finish ’em, dagnabbit. And by that I mean.

    1. Custom domain (hunt-the-wumpus.com is available). Domain names are ten bucks. Pay it.

    2. Graphics. The difference between your games and that “you are a dragon” game (apart from the scope) is the graphics.

    3. Google Ad. Go viral and (John prepares to use a word he avoids) monetize ’em. Those things were born for google ads, and you’re gonna get people who are nostalgic for those kinds of games and who wanna play. And the way they’re structured, you’ll get at least a dozen page-views in a single play.

    Another dumb idea: Make ’em work as play-by-email or play-by-text-message version. Seems like they’d be a natural, although shoehorning a game into a text message might be tough.

    If you don’t wanna do it, email me and I’ll buy ’em from you. To quote Wall Street, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing for money. I’m fully versed in viral project attempts that went nowhere (see: Cryptotwit, hangtwit). They bombed, but at least they bombed while looking nice and having ads 🙂

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